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Chesapeake, VA

Trustworthy Tree Service in Chesapeake, VA – Protect Your Property and Environment

Depend on Art-is-tree Of Virginia for the exceptional tree service your property needs. We understand that tree removal is essential in protecting your home, your family, and the surrounding environment. Diseased or weakened trees can pose a substantial threat to both people and property. Such trees may splinter or fall, causing substantial damage. Our trained and fully-equipped personnel ensure safe and effective tree removal, thereby minimizing these risks. Whether you require residential or commercial tree removal, we offer the best services in Chesapeake, VA.

In addition to tree removal, we also specialize in stump grinding and removal. Stumps can be unsightly and inconvenient, hindering new plant growth and making your yard difficult to navigate. If you’re planning a landscaping project, get rid of those troublesome stumps first for the best results. We aim to enhance your yard’s appearance and prevent tripping hazards posed by overlooked stumps.

Offering Comprehensive, Prompt, and Professional Tree Service

Your trees’ health is our priority. Unattended trees can become a liability, potentially falling and damaging your home or attracting harmful pests. With regular tree trimming from Art-is-tree Of Virginia, you can keep your trees healthy and beautiful while reducing these risks.

We don’t just trim trees – we prune them, too! Our team effectively removes dead or diseased limbs, which can encourage healthier growth and reduce the spread of diseases to other plants. Not only does tree pruning contribute to the longevity of your trees, but it also adds aesthetic appeal to your property.

As proud members of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), we’re knowledgeable about the industry’s best practices. Our licensed and insured crew is proficient in all aspects of tree care, including tree pruning and tree trimming. We’re flexible and efficient, scheduling your services promptly to get your yard back to its prime condition in no time.

Our Comprehensive Services

tree removal services virginia beach va
Tree Removal

Tree removal is an important part of maintaining your property. It prevents damage to your property and other structures while keeping everyone around you safe.

tree trimming services virginia beach va
Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is important for maintaining your trees' health and safety. You can trust our team to trim your trees correctly and maintain them for years to come.

tree pruning services virginia beach va
Tree Pruning

Pruning trees is an essential part of tree care and maintenance. It is important to prune trees in order to keep them healthy, strong, and attractive.

stump grinding and removal services virginia beach va
Stump Grinding & Removal

Tree stumps can also cause problems with your lawn or landscaping if they're left in place. Trust us to efficiently and safely remove them from your property.

commercial tree removal services virginia beach va
Commercial Tree Removal

To help our clients maintain their properties, we offer commercial tree removal services. From small to large jobs, our team of experts can handle it all.